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Automated Compliance

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Automated Compliance

Partner With Experts Who Can Make Compliance Automatic and Simple.

Prep Networks offers automated Compliance Manager by Kaseya Software.

Compliance Manager is the first and only purpose-built, role-based Compliance Process Automation platform. It combines a wizard-driven workflow engine, automated network and computer data discovery, a web-based management portal, and built-in compliance document generation and archiving.

Compliance Manager Provides:

  • Compliant-Specific Documents
  • Regular Comprehensive Compliance Assessments.
  • Ongoing Compliance Services
  • Assistance With Audits

Built to automate:

  • PCI
  • NIST
  • GDPR
  • CMMC
  • Cyber Insurance compliance requirements

This is not just another ‘Check List’ software product.

Compliance Manager is like having a compliance officer in a box!

Compliance Manager Specifics

Process Wizard

Your list of Compliance To-Dos is maintained for you by the system, and each task is automatically crossed off and marked complete as you go.

Web-based Management Portal

Whether your compliance footprint is contained to a single site and entity, or spans across dozens or even hundreds of them, everything is managed through a single, centralized web portal.

Automatic Data Collection

The system automatically collects a ton of information that you would gather manually with other tools, saving you time.

Automatic Data Validation

The system automatically compares answers to questions with the information it automatically gathers and highlights exceptions where the two don’t match.

Multi-role Architecture

While a single person can run a complete compliance assessment, the system is set up to allow multiple information stake-holders to directly input the information they have; and a technician, administrator, and internal auditor each can participate in the process at key points.

Compliance Manager Coverage

HIPAA Manager

This product manages everything associated with HIPAA’s Security Rule. It is designed to be used by any HIPAA covered entity (healthcare industry) as well as any business associate (companies that work with and have access to patient information). It includes everything you need to automatically generate evidence of compliance in the event of an audit.

NIST CSF Manager

Enables you to apply the principles of best practices of risk management to improving the security and resilience of clients IT infrastructures.

PCI Compliance

  • PCI Assessment Services
  • PCI Remediation Services
  • PCI Approved Scans
  • PCI Compliance Services

Cyber Insurance Manager

Quickly reveal specific red flags that may prevent you from getting paid in the event of a claim and identify what you need to do to fix it. With built-in application questions taken directly from the largest cyber insurance companies, there is no guesswork with it comes to compliance with your policy terms.

CMMC Compliance Solution

The new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) standard is here, and it’s being rolled out for the 300,000 non-federal organizations that make up the Pentagon’s supply chain in a staged fashion over the next five years.

The core framework for this new 5-tiered cybersecurity standard is defined and published, and the government is moving as fast as it can to build out the massive infrastructure of trainers, assessors, and documentation to support it.

The Compliance Manager CMMC guides you through the certification-readiness process, and once certified, helps you document your ongoing compliance to the standard.